Posted on May 31 2018


name – Amelia Vivash

age – 21 cunt

star sign – virgo

IG alias – @fattyacids666

LHWell, hello Amelia. Welcome to our blog Love Sick, we’re so happy you could make it. How are you?

AVWell right now I’m super hungover on public transport so I could definitely be better

LHThanks for shooting with us, what were your fav pieces that you styled with our collection?

AVI’ve fukkin always loved the pink lil jacket with the white fur and candy stripe linning, I’m still eyeing it off. She needs one

LH:  What’s your thoughts on fast fashion vs ethical fashion?

AVFast fashion is bullshit. They’re not designers, they’re not creatives, they are business dudes that just want money while ruining the environment with waistage and poor working conditions. I’m all for ethical fashion, it’s really not that hard to not trash the environment. You just have to be a little bit fucking smart

LHSo our insta friends would know that we’re pretty tight, you’re like my son. Met you a couple of years ago at your end of year runway show at Whitehouse. Since being at school your artistic direction has taken a massive leap, how do you feel about your art/fashion since leaving Whitehouse?

AVMuma kee! It’s definitely changed a whole heap. I did learn heaps there but it wasn’t the school for me, I didn’t want to be boxed in a Myer, David Jones vibe. From leaving Whitehouse I would say I’ve gone completely left field. I don’t like calling myself a fashion designer anymore because everyone has a shitty preconceived idea in their head of what a fashion designer from Whitehouse is, I call myself an artist and I make soft sculpture.

LHYou like to push the boundaries around beauty, gender, art, sexuality… Obviously this is natural to you, so do you feel like you’re putting out a message with your art?

AVI would say I am, still not sure what the message is or what exactly I want to say with the pieces but they’re definitely saying something. I find bad reactions better because it’s so funny seeing people’s faces and they’re like ‘what the fuck is that’ they interpret the pieces, or me in their own way and it’s really interesting seeing what people say about my work, and what they see that I might not see.

LHYour look pushes boundaries as well. How do you feel you’re received by the general public on a daily basis?

AVUsually it’s pretty good, people honk, I get hi fives and photos, people froth, which I also think is weird like if you imagine what I wear but all in black no one would even look at me. I really don’t know why so many people are scared of colour. I’m ALWAYS asked what costume party I’m going to, or if I’m going to a children’s hospital or if I’m a clown and I’m like, can’t I just fucking dress like this?

LHDo you feel your aesthetic questions peoples’ ideas of beauty?

AVI feel like it does. When I go out I don’t usually like looking pretty, ugly is more fun. I like blacking my teeth out with nail polish and drawing shit on my face. It’s almost like jumping into a character for the night, but it’s just an ugly version of myself.

LHWhat’s your idea of beauty?

AVI see beauty as personality and imagination rather then looks. Ugly inside is so much worse. There’s too many cunts in the world.

LHWhere do you think your confidence comes from to pull off such amazing outfits?

AVI would say 100% from my parents. They’ve taught me how important it is to be me when I was young, to be confident and that it doesn’t matter what anyone thinks as long as I’m happy. They’re the fukkin best.

LHWhats your thoughts on body hair?

AVGo for gold. It’s stupid that it’s not sexy to have hair, like that shit is natural. It’s just if we made boys shave their legs and under arms because they’re sexier and more attractive without it. It’s silly. Let it grow sistas

LH: What kind of shit do you have to go through on a daily basis, not just as a woman but as a woman who is so colourful and puts theirselves out there in an artistic way aesthetically?

AVWell most people are lovely but there are those annoying little pests. From guys it’s the worst.. pointing, laughing with their friends, this specially happens on weekends when they have a bit of alcohol in them. Hence why I don’t go to straight clubs. Straight boys judge so much and it’s so stupid, just because I’m not in a tight dress where you can see my vag and in heels that squish my toes. Nah mate

LHWhat’s a small step we could take as a society to change this?

AVIt’s honestly how they’re brought up. If their parents taught them to appreciate individuality and to fucking embrace it and not be a sheep, I probably wouldn’t be laughed at by their ignorant sons.

LHWhat projects are you working on at the moment?

AVRight now I’m about to start a collaboration with an awesome group of people that work with motion graphics to create a short film with drones and underwater filming. The pieces I’ll be making will be head to toe without seeing any skin, pieces that will move with the body, wind, warer etc. It’ll be sick!! 

LHWhere do you see yourself going with your art & projects?

AVI’m open to anything and everything. It’s exciting because I have no boundaries on what I want to do with my art.

LHI had the best time shooting you, your room is insane. Can you talk us through your shit? Like, how you like to sleep and live next to your art works?

AVI am a hoarder. I keep clothes to one day rip them up and use as fabric, I hoard art supplies, I just have too much shit. But I feel like I need to sleep next to all my art and pieces because if I got a studio I would honestly miss them so much. Plus with fashion as you know you work all kinds of stupid hours to meet deadlines so if it’s beside my bed I can just pass out then wake up in the morning and get straight back into it. I don’t think I could ever split my living and work space up.

LHWhere can people stalk you?

AVYa’ll can see my shit at @fattyacids666 mwah

LHThanks for chatting with me my son.

AVI’ll see you tonight! x On my way to yours now with a bottle of wine and a rat. Dinner better be ready slut. X




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