Posted on October 20 2017


name: Chloe Nour

age: 25

star sign: Aries

ig alias: @stepfordwife101

LHChloe, thanks so much for showing me your adorable house & letting me shoot you!

CNThanks for the lil girl date bb!

LHWhat were your favourite pieces to style with your wardrobe?

CNI’m obsessed with your custom pink leather vest and the XO fringe dress is to dieeee for!

LHI really adore your natural look & love your hair cut!! What made you want to get a buzz cut?

CNI’d been thinking about shaving my hair off since I was a teen and first fell in love with Natalie Portman in V for Vendetta but never had the guts to do it! I experimented a bunch with my hair for a couple of years instead – shaving the bottom half of it, dying it pink, then growing it out for my wedding then cutting it into a bob and dying it purple. About a year ago I woke up one morning and was scrolling through instagram and a couple of girls I follow had recently shaved their heads and I was like fuck it, if they can do it I can do it. I texted my bestie Mateja and told her I was coming over and she was shaving my head. She was like no way I refuse to do it. I told her she had no choice, if she didn’t do it I’d do it myself haha so she relented and I strolled over to hers and she shaved my head and I haven’t looked back since.

LHWhat kind of reactions do you get from the public & I’m also curious as how straight males perceive you.

CNGenerally, I get pretty lovely reactions from the public! My mate @cainireland has recently started shaving sick shit such as the Louis Vuitton symbol onto the back of my head and the best reactions are when older women in their 50s and 60s approach me on the street to tell me they love my hair (or lack of)!

Shaving my hair was such a liberating decision for me. I previously used my hair to hide things I didn’t like about myself. I was always self conscious about my skin and about the little chicken pox scars I have on my forehead that I’ve had since I was 5. But once I shaved all my hair off I had nothing to hide behind anymore and I just didn’t give a shit. I stopped wearing makeup as well which signified a hugggge shift in my self esteem. Realising ‘I’m actually so hot without hair, if I can rock a bald head I can rock anything’, has made me super confident.

Of course, there’s always some dip shit that feels it’s their right to encroach upon my personal space on the street and ask what I look like with hair, or impose upon me their opinion. But it’s rare. Whatever, my hubby loves it and he’s the only straight male whose opinion of me matters.

LHDo you think there’s a shift in what we’ll put up with as women? i.e. conversations about the standard of beauty, feminism, misogyny etc?

CNDefinitely! There’s been a massive shift as women have begun using social media as a tool to challenge the status quo. Women are so fucking smart and together we are so powerful! I think the conversation about the standard of beauty has shifted so much as women have taken control of their own bodies and what it means to be sexy! Sexy isn’t how big your boobs are or how luscious your locks are or how tiny your waist is, its whatever the fuck makes you feel good, and powerful and the realest you. I think the sexiest women are those who love themselves and don’t give a fuck what other people think. This has permeated into what we’ll accept in a misogynist society. I think the more empowered women that our society is exposed to online and in real life, the more the cultural mindset shifts as it is forced to adapt to our ownership of our bodies and our selves, as we’re refusing to adapt to misogyny any longer!

LHYou’re very passionate about politics & how our generation needs to speak up. What advice would you give to someone who wants to be involved but doesn’t know how?

CNIt’s so fucking nuts that Australian politics is so outdated and hateful and detrimental to our culture and our planet but we, (our generation of 20-30 year olds), are doing nothing about it! Half of us have no idea what parties mean what and who to vote for. I think it’s so important for us to realize that complacency is just as bad as advocating bullshit (climate change sceptics, homophophia, islamphobia, xenophobia, misogyny etc.) My best advice would be google some shit, read this: and educate yourself and those around you! Sign petitions, go to protests, write letters to your local representatives about the things that matter to you, and most importantly vote. There’s absolutely no excuse for ignorance, when our future literally depends on our participation in democracy – a privilege we’re so lucky to have, and its ludicrous to take something so hard fought for, for granted.

LHI really admire how assertive you are about whats right & particularly enjoyed your email to Senator Brian Burston. Can you give those who don’t know & also our international friends a run down?

CNAustralia has refugee detention centres (prison camps) on Manus Island and Nauru, (islands surrounding Australia) where we imprison asylum seekers who have tried to enter Australia illegally by boat. We’ve been condemned by the UN for our inhumane conditions on Nauru and Australia’s treatment of Asylum seekers has been found to violate the international convention against torture. The Papua New Guinea Supreme Court has also found the Australian immigration detention facilities on Manus Island unconstitutional and illegal. Our treatment of asylum seekers is an international embarrassment.

It is a basic human right to seek asylum but due to the racist undertones of our white washed government, these refugees – many of which are women and young children who have fled war torn countries hoping for a better life in Australia, have been imprisoned on these islands for years with no real hope of ever leaving. As the Australian government is refusing to grant these asylum seekers asylum it is their responsibility to find another country/countries willing to grant them asylum. Instead, our government has done no such thing and hundreds of refugees have been living in squalor, indefinitely. Rather than focusing on closing these horror camps and our Prime Minister Malcolm Turnball recently proposed a bill called the ‘Lifetime Ban on Refugees’, which basically means that any refugee who has tried to seek asylum in Australia by boat is denied entry into Australia for the rest of their lives. This means even if they were to gain citizenship in New Zealand or the US and had family in Australia they wanted to visit in 10, 20 or even 50 years, they would be banned from even visiting Australia on a holiday visa.

It’s an absurd punishment and total waste of time as these asylum seekers are still imprisoned in Australian detention camps with no where to go because our government is wasting time coming up with ridiculous bills rather than being proactive about finding viable options for our asylum seekers.

I wrote emails to a bunch of my local senators imploring them to oppose this ridiculous bill as it condones our disgusting treatment of asylum seekers, debases our fellow human and distracts from the real issues. Senator Brian Burston who belongs to the One Nation Party, a party that hates immigrants and even has an anti-multiculturalism policy that seeks to abolish multiculturalism and the Racial Discrimination Act, replied to my email ‘go away’.

LHHow did that make you feel getting that response from Senator Burston?

CNIt is truly disgusting that a grown man, a senator elected by the people as a representative in parliament and a supposedly educated individual couldn’t find the words to construct a meaningful reply. To be honest I wasn’t shocked, which is actually shocking. In todays absurd political climate, such hateful figureheads (outdated dinosaurs with racist, misogynist and homophobic values) in government have actually become the norm. It proves just how important it is for us to keep these dangerous individuals accountable for their actions to ensure our government is working for us not against us.

LHHave you had any intense reactions from the public, good or bad regarding your stance on politics?

CNAny public discourse, especially online is bound to be met with both good and bad reactions and its important for us to invite both. Ultimately, I think it’s so important for each of us to add our unique voices to the conversation rather than allowing people we don’t even agree with to hold the conversation without us.

LHYou said you were very emotional about the US election. How did it make you feel & how do you think it will effect Australians?

CNThe Trump election was devastating. It was definitely the most powerless and hopeless I’e ever felt in my entire lifetime. To watch the world crumble around you is terrifying, and even more so knowing the people who allowed it to happen. My own Egyptian immigrant father is pro-Trump. I can’t even imagine what my American friends must be feeling. It honestly feels like the world is ending. I think it going to have a huge affect on Australians as this monster is soon to be the leader of the free world. I’m hoping that it will get some lazy millenials off their asses and fired upenough to give a shit about our future.

LHHow do you find being a person in the arts living under the Baird NSW laws?


LHDo you think the current state of affairs will manage to wiggle its way into your work?

CNI’d love to facilitate a space for conversation, whether through my photography work or creating a podcast or online forum. I’ve got a couple of ideas in the works.

LHHow would you describe your photography & what message are you presenting to your audience?

CNMy universe is inhabited by some incredibly fierce, indomitable women, inexhaustible sources of inspiring creativity and honesty who are overflowing with wisdom and love and my art practice is always celebrating these women.

LHWhat projects are you working on?

CNI’m about to launch a project called ‘extra yummy’ which is dedicated to documenting the studio spaces of artists I love and collabing with those artists to create affordable wearable art!

LHWhere can we follow you & keep up with your shit?

CN@stepfordwife101 @extrayummy

LHbb girl, thank you so much for welcoming me into your home & letting me take these amazing pictures of you. See you tonight x




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