Love Sick with Jaraé Holieway

Posted on May 12 2019

Love Sick with Jaraé Holieway

Jaraé Holieway is a self-created quadruple threat.

She can model, direct, is fluent in graphic design and is constantly working on projects in front of and behind the camera.

Jaraé has Fenty, Jeffery Campbell and more collaborations under her belt. She's infamous on Instagram for her uplifting positive dancing videos which give you an insight into her creative world. 

I always enjoy my time with Jaraé, she keeps it real with me and isn't afraid to talk about the things that make us vulnerable in the creative world. She's given me some of the best advice and motivates me to push for more.


Name: Jaraé Holieway 

Age: 26

Star Sign: Aquarius 

IG alias: @blacmagic_woman


Laurel aka Kee Kee: Jaraé, it’s so nice to catch up! I always appreciate any time with you, you’re full of confidence, positivity, and warmth. So, thank you for taking the time to chat with me.

Jaraé Holieway: Thank you for having me, Kee Kee! I’m so excited to chat with you today:)


KK: We met like most modern romances start, Instagram, and connected over fashion. I was drawn to your account through the glitter artworks you do. What got you into that?

JH: Ahhh yess! We’ve been following one another for a hot min! I was so happy when we finally linked. I’ve always been into art, and when Instagram all started I got super into editing photos. My friends would send me pictures to edit of them, I always joked around about this turning into a job ( now I do graphic design). Glitter makes me happy, and it makes people happy so I wanted to find a way to celebrate myself and others through digital art and make it SHINE✨✨✨✨


KK: Also, I can’t leave out your dancing on your stories, such a mood lifter! What kind of response do you get from those vids?

JH: Haha those are literally just me messing around usually procrastinating on work. People love them! I always get such a positive response, they make people’s day😊 which makes my heart so full! 


KK: Your social media presence has even got the attention of Bad Girl RiRi, over at Fenty, and Jeffery Campbell, what are those collabs like?

JH: They’ve literally been dreams come true! Like I legit manifested them, I put in the worktop of course. It’s been amazing working with brands who reach out to work with me as myself! I feel like that’s when I shine the most! I have big plans to continue to work with both brands on a bigger level! I have this vision where I’m meeting Rihanna and we’re smoking a blunt.


KK: When we were shooting we were talking about how social media can create incredible connections and opportunities but can also be a total buzzkill and time waster. How do you find the medium where you’re using social media to your advantage and not get dragged down?

JH: I always have to remind myself that’s it’s a tool, not my life. It’s been super helpful for business, so for me, it’s just that business. I’ve also been using it more when I want to versus feeling like I have to.


KK: How do you save your creative energy and how do you know who the right people are to use it with?

JH: Ohh good question! Still figuring that one out... but a good rule of thumb has always been surrounding yourself with people that lift you up!


KK: What advice would you give to your younger self regarding the creative industry, getting started, and preserving that energy?

JH: It will take time! You’ll feel lost like you want to give up! All may not be as it seems, but remember that what is meant for you will happen. And that your a star bby don’t forget! Keep pushing even when it all seems like it’s going to shit. 


KK: Do you have a daily or weekly spiritual practice?

JH: Yes I tie it into my work out routine. Exercising has been more for my mental health than anything. After I work out, I do some yoga, meditate, then write in my journal.


KK: Everyone’s path to self-love is different, and I’m intrigued to know how your journey started? What advice would you give to others who aren’t quite there yet?

JH: I’m still figuring it all out, I think I always will! But some advice I’d give is to remember to be kind to yourself, we’ve all been conditioned to some unhealthy routines or ways of thinking. Unlearning and unpacking takes time.


KK: Do you think self-love and care manifest itself into opportunities?

JH: Of course! When you’re your best self you’ll naturally attract all the best things! 


KK: Talking about opportunities, you divide your time between LA and NY. What do both cities bring to your career?

JH: I’ve noticed the different sides of opportunities from coast to coast. I definitely feel like NY is way more progressive when it comes to the fashion industry. Being in NY has propelled my career tremendously, people take me more seriously in LA now haha 


KK: How does each city motivate and inspire you?

JH: LA is forever my home, it keeps me grounded, relaxed, my comfort place, and reminds me to slow down. NY puts that flame under my ass, it keeps me in check, you get hit with the reality sticks a thousand times, it’s been a humbling experience. 

KK: You spend your time in front and behind the camera, which came first and do you have a preference?

JH: I’ve always been that kid that would put on a show, I’ve always known I was meant to do something huge! Over the past 6 years, I’ve dabbled with both in front and behind the camera work. Both have its perks, but I really love working a camera! 


KK: Where can people see your dancing vids, or contact you to work on their project or collaborate with you?

JH: My ig has everything, all my content for the most part! But I also have a website

KK: Jaraé thank you so much for the positive energy and magic you bring to the world. I appreciate all that you do and who you are. Thanks again for spending time with me, I’ll use any excuse to catch up with you. You’re the best.

JH: Ahh this is amazing! Thank you, Kee Kee, for letting me dress up in your beautiful clothes, and talk life:)




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  • Lonie : May 14, 2019

    Amazing person, such talent. Great interview Kee

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