Love Sick with Jenny Lo

Posted on May 19 2019

Love Sick with Jenny Lo

Name: Jenny Chiehying Lo

Age: 35

Star Sign: Aries <3

IG alias: @snowyellow_

Laurel aka Kee Kee: Jenny from the block! I’m so excited to interview you. I wanted to give a little back story, we both met through our mutual friend Dale Delaporte, and got close over our weekly viewings of Drag Race. Now we’ve formed a little crew called “The Henny’s”. Do you remember the first night we met?

Jenny Lo: We were going to see RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 10 together! Dale had already told me lots things about you so I was pretty excited to meet ya (loved your daddy hat bish). We didn’t talk too much it was quite noisy at Syndicated. Also, I have a thick accent so I figured maybe~next~time.

KK: What I love about you is your pop culture references. It kills me, you’re always so on point with your clap backs, memes, gifs, and sayings. Where do you get this Rolodex mind of references?

JL: I am always very into pop culture! It’s so fun. I never understand why people only want to stay in their comfort zone and stop absorbing new information. When I moved here I tried not to join other Taiwanese/Chinese groups because I wanted to learn, language and culture-wise. I signed up online dating because it’s one of the fastest ways to know new things, yeah I also like attention haha. Befriending with younger Americans also helped. My best friend was 23 when I met her at Pratt, my roommate that time was 21. Clap backs are just my survival mechanism. Alexa play Stronger (What Doesn't Kill You) by Kelly Clarkson.

KK: Pop culture was basically banned in my household growing up, no Simpsons, The Nanny, or Coco Pops, so when you say these things half the time I can’t even keep up. What was your upbringing like?

JL: Omg my mom was the one made me watch The Simpsons and The Nanny. We also like to go to the video store together. Besides my favorite Japanese animes, she’d also pick up Madonna’s music video collections for me. My parents have always been very liberal and supportive, especially my mother. She was basically the breadwinner because my dad couldn’t keep a job for long, but I never feel any financial stress from them. They always tried their best to support my interests. Sometimes I felt really bad because I didn’t know how to use all the resource they provided.

KK: How long ago did you move from Taiwan to America?

JL: 8 years ago. I only planned to stay in New York for one year as a big vacation then the longer I stayed here the harder for me to leave. I never thought I could ever make life here because my English was terrible (learned it when I was 25). Now I know it’s okay not to be perfect, it’s okay to be a fool sometimes, it’s okay to ask. Just stay open.

KK: What was the adjustment like? Where did you first live and hang out?

JL: It wasn’t easy for me because I wanted to fit in with respect. I don’t want people to accept me because I fit their stereotype or I am nothing but nice (clap clap). I first lived in Flushing and then Rego Park but I mostly hung out in Lower East Side, East Village, and Williamsburg, where my bad romances came from. Alaaaas.

KK: I know that you studied fashion design and art history in Taiwan, then you came to NYC and went to PRATT, what did you study there and what was it like being an international student?

JL: Graphic Design! I went to a high school for the arts in my hometown so it’s something I already familiar with, and career-wise it would provide me more opportunities to find a job as a foreigner. I feel.. safe to be an international student there: extra ESL classes, wonderful health insurance. I got a job on the campus so it was pretty chill. I was also very lucky I met many great people there. Without them, I wasn’t sure where’d I be right now.

KK: So, your first job out of university was at Hot Topic*, did you feel you're nurtured your inner emo? What was the best part of this job?

JL: For sure! I was a connoisseur of chokers. The best part is I could apply all the pop culture references and explored other styles I wasn’t familiar with. Yo, I designed a lot of mythical, goth, steampunk, body jewelry stuff, even freakin flower crowns. Do I like those styles? Not necessary. Can I think like people who like them? Yeah! And let’s humor about it.

KK: You have an accessories label called Snow Yellow, did you develop your line of pins from working at Hot Topic? When did label Snow Yellow come about?

JL: Yes. I learned all the production process at that position so I started making my own pins. They are mostly just my random thoughts combine with objects I like: womanhood, food, sensuality, emotions..

KK: Also, I’ve never asked you where the name Snow Yellow came from?

JL: Snow White is white but I am not white.

KK: You’re killer on the internet with how you talk online, especially coming back with those references. How are you with dating sites? I know you dive into Tinder from time to time.

JL: I still don’t know how to swim but I’ve learned how to float. Floating on the dating pool I cannot be bothered (occasionally I gave people my TedTalk if they annoyed me)! I am pretty happy with my singledom at this point in my life :)

KK: Do you have a Tinder horror story?

JL: I can only recollect a bunch of whiny narcissist babies.

KK: But some of your stories are the guy who picked you up at a bar and had a sigh of relief the next morning*, that you were 26 because you have a body of a 14-year-old. Like, I don’t even know how to respond to that…What did you say to him? 

JL: It was 8 years ago when I wasn’t as bitchy as now. I didn’t know how to respond to him at that moment. I just felt so wrong and left immediately. The first 2 years in New York I was very confused most of the time. I didn’t know how to stand for myself in many uncomfortable situations but silently digested what just happened afterward. The realizations often made me so sick and sad. I had a junk drawer in my head that I kept opening it to drive myself crazy. I don’t do it anymore, I am Marie Kondo now.

KK: I get shocked by some of your stories where guys online are straight up racist. Like that one guy who met you IRL, heard your accent and got mad at you because you sound “American” online. How do you deal with this sort of racism?

JL: I just stopped taking it personally. Is it more about xenophobia because they don’t hate my race but my accent? Either way still gross. Like you could only see my Asian beauty when I was an Asian American. Sorry for ruining your hipster dream, bro.

KK: Why are men pigs? Is it just in NY that you’re finding these kinds of guys?

JL: They can be pigs in different forms under different cultures, not only in New York. Women have been oppressed and discredited through time. Although more modern men are aware of it, the majority of them would rather choose what convenient them the best.

KK: Has your filter grown stronger the longer you’ve been here? Can you weed out the weirdos?

JL: Definitely! I’m always trying to be upfront with people I am messaging to. I am a weirdo too! If they don’t like my memes and cynical sense of humor then next! As I said, I enjoy my singledom so I am not trying to change myself to get out from it.

KK: What advice would you give people who are out there on the dating scene?

JL: DON’T SETTLE AND COMPROMISE. Keep doing you. No one is born a “half” that needs another half to make themselves one piece. We are pieced by the experiences and people we meet in our life. No one can tell you what means you’re complete. You are the one who decides it.

KK: Do you have a self-care routine or any mindful practice that you tap into?

JL: Ahh not really.. Does skincare count? Meditation makes me nervous haha.

KK: You’re a naturally creative person, do you feel like you nourish your inner child with your creativity?

JL: For me, it’s the other way around. My inner child/Pomeranian nourishes my creativity. They are introverted tho.

KK: How can people buy your pins and get on the J-Lo bandwagon?

JL: They can be purchased at Or just check out my insta @snowyellow_ and say hiii.

KK: I love hanging out with you Jenny, you’re like a little ray of sunshine. Your creativity is inspiring and you’re an all-around good human. Thanks for taking the time to talk shit and take pics.

JL: Thank you for having me, Kee Kee!! Always had a hell lot of fun with you. (and I truly enjoyed flashing my nips to pedestrians during this photoshoot lol). Love you I will see you soon <3




*Jenny Edit: Designer for Hot Topic. My company is a design vendor, so HT is our clients and I wasn't directly working under them.

*Jenny Edit: after sex, I didn’t stay for the night I ran away lol

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  • Lonie : May 20, 2019

    I have met Jenny and you are right she is a lovely person. I agree with her comment, that you are not born being “a half of”!!…. That you learn, earn, strive, dive and grow into and out of what you think is your final you… I’ll add this, that is an ongoing project….Thanks for the interview

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