Love Sick with Patrick Minor

Posted on June 02 2019

Love Sick with Patrick Minor

I reached out to Patrick, aka Patti, on Instagram, I had started following him since he popped up on our TV screens in RuPaul's Drag Race, AS4, as Monet X Change's 'transformation challenge' bestie. 

I loved his ultra camp-sexual posts on Insta and thought he'd be a perfect candidate for Love Sick. I had no idea that we'd hit it off immediately and I'd make a friend out of this experience.

Patti is candid, warm, hilarious and raw. We hung out on my couch for hours talking, post-shoot, about both our lives and where we're at now. I really enjoy my new connection with Patti and hope you love learning about this amazing being.


Name: Patrick ‘Patti’ Minor

Age: 29

Star Sign: Libra

IG alias: @legalminor

Laurel aka Kee Kee: Patti! I met you and felt like I’ve known you a lifetime. Little back story, I stalked Patti online and just straight up asked to interview him for Love Sick and he said yes. Cut-to and we’re having a therapy session with each other on my couch drinking coffee and avoiding our life chores.  

Are you a natural people person, or am I a very special little girl?

Patrick Minor: You’re obviously a very special little girl AND I’m a people person, but it’s unusual to connect as deeply in such a short time.  I felt a connection with you very quickly.

KK: Let’s learn more about you, so you grew up as a theater kid and you were a child actor. What was that life like?

PM: Amazing, damaging, confusing. I also think those are pretty common descriptors for most people’s childhoods though. I feel really fortunate to have been able to get out of Mississippi, where I’m from, and experience a loving community of queer people. I had “role models” and examples and people to identify with. That instilled a lot of confidence, maybe too much.

KK: How did you adjust growing into an adult from already being in the workforce from a young age?

PM: Not well. If I’m completely honest. When you’re being treated as a peer in the workforce, in a way, it gives you this illusion that you’re an adult. It’s a false sense of security especially when it disappears overnight. I really had trouble with authority in school and the like.

KK: You moved to NYC at 18, firstly what was it like back then, secondly what were you like?

PM: I wish I could say that it was some magical wonderland, but I think I missed that time as well. Also, I was a heavy drinker so I don’t remember much. It was pre Uber.i do miss calling a black car to take me through the White Castle drive-through. Somehow they would always send a van and you had to open the whole door to order.

KK: How do you think NYC has shaped you?

PM: I always say I was born in Mississippi but New York City raised me.

KK: NYC can open up some crazy opportunities, you have traveled the world with drag queens. How did you get into this?

PM: Like many things in life and New York one thing leads to another. I met Bob the Drag Queen through a friend of mine. He didn’t even like me at first. My friend brought me over unannounced and Bob absolutely hates strangers in his home. I actually waited outside for like twenty minutes before he let me come in. After we became friends I covered Bob’s former assistant Luis and I realized what an amazing opportunity it was. I told Bob to let me know if anyone was looking for someone and it finally came to fruition with Peppermint from Season 9, I then worked with Monét X Change in Season 10 with whom I had become friends with through a Bob. Now here we are two years, and 7 countries later.

KK: Do you have any crazy tour stories?

PM: Nothing insane, but some funny stories for sure. Imagine being trapped on a tour bus with drag queens especially DragRace queens . . . It’s exactly how you think.

KK: How do you balance all this traveling and work with your own creative projects?

PM: I don’t. If I’m completely honest but I try.

KK: What are you currently working on?

PM: I’m shifting my focus back to acting. I also have some music in the works that I’m very excited about.

KK: What is your creative process like?

PM: Trying not to forget my thoughts and buying notebooks that never get written in.

KK: You’ve dipped your toe into drag, you’ve even been on RuPaul’s Drag Race, AS4, with Monet X Change in the transformation challenge. What’s drag mean to you?

PM: Drag quite literally means the world to me, it’s opened so many doors for me indirectly. It’s inspiring to be fortunate enough to meet all of these amazing performers. It really shows you how personal drag is and how everyone can do it differently and well.

KK: What was it like being on TV and experiencing that with your good friend, Monet?

PM: Wild. It was the kind of situation where it’s really hard to stay present and appreciate it because it’s happening so quickly. I really do my best to support her in whatever way possible. She was determined to win AS4 and I had the faith but so often all you can do is wait and hope that she comes back with good news. The opportunity to show up and actually support her in the competition was an amazing feeling. I would have done anything for her.

KK:  After experiencing BTS of RPDR do you think you would ever compete on Drag Race or do you have other plans?

PM: Never say never.

KK: You’ve been sober 6 years now, which I really admire. I lasted 3 months and feel like I need to go back to the sober lifestyle. Does being sober enhance your creativity, or beside the obvious benefits, how does it affect your day to day life?

PM: For me, I need sobriety to function. I can barely organize my thoughts with outside any outside influences. As they say, if you really want to trip, stay present. Life is the wildest trip. Especially access to real emotions.

KK: How did you first manage your social life sober? That was the part that rocked me at first, I turned down a lot of events to not be tempted.

PM: Oh, It didn’t phase me at all. I think if I had withdrawn I wouldn’t have been able to keep it up. I was shutting down GreenHouse (If anyone remembers it) my first week sober.

KK: Luckily for me, I have like 6 friends in NY and they’re super supportive, did you have to reevaluate any friendships after becoming sober?

PM: Sober or not sober we constantly have to re-evaluate relationships it’s necessary for personal growth. I don’t know that I really had much to consider. I never really saw my friends as a problem but relationships definitely change any of you can’t find a new common ground you move on.

KK: Do you have a daily spiritual practice? Are you a spiritual person?

PM: I don’t have a spiritual practice, but I like to think I’m a spiritual person. It’s changing daily. I believe in the universe and its infinite power and an idea that the less control I pretend to have the happier I am. I do my best to take actions and let go of results.

KK: How can we get a little more Patti, where can we follow you, stalk you, get all the PM content?

PM: I’m only on Instagram (@legalminor) for the most part, maybe that will change soon. I don’t understand SnapChat - unless people want to send me nudes then I’ll download it.

KK: I love spending time with you, even though we’re a new budding friendship, you’re so positive, silly, fun and ridiculously good-looking. Thanks for coming to play with me!

PM: thank you for having me, I can’t wait for future hangs and shenanigans. The connection was instant.




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