Cowgirl Dress

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      NOTE: This is the last Cowgirl Dresses available in XL & M
      When I was a little girl, I was so obsessed with cows. They were literally my favourite animal, I had posters in my room, I had toys - I thought they had the prettiest coats and eyelashes in the whole world. 

      Years later, I wanted to make myself a pleather dress for my birthday and I couldn’t decide whether I wanted to make it in black or white.  

      It was at that very moment that I had an out of body experience, and Kamadhenu, the Hindu 'miraculous cow of plenty', appeared to me on and asked,

      ‘Why not make it black and white?'

      Thus, it was this moment of supreme destiny that birthed the Cowgirl Dress to this world. 

      The adorable low cut shape of the Cowgirl Dress is super flattering to all shapes and is designed to show off your figure perfectly, no matter your cup size.

      Made with adjustable criss cross straps, the chains are designed to be tightened to give you the fit you want.
      To adjust, slide the chain out of its fabric loop and slide the desired length in, if you'd like to remove the excess chain just use some long nosed pliers and BAM! You’re a sexy cowgirl now honey!

      If DIY ain’t your thing, email us for step by step instructions. 

      The faux leather fabric has a little stretch and fits true to size.

      The Cowgirl Dress is part of a super limited run with only 20 made.

      - Faux leather fabric.
      - Customisable chain straps.
      - Chunky chain detail on waist.
      - Invisible side zip.
      - Cold wash only.

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